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Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling Enrolment - International Students


This policy addresses the procedures that Imperial will follow in deferring, suspending or cancelling a student’s enrolment. The policy also covers student access to the complaints’ and appeals’ procedure if Imperial initiates a suspension or cancellation of enrolment.


This policy/procedure supports “Standard 13” of the National Code and SRTO’s 5.2. The following procedures will ensure Imperial follows the required process when a student wishes to defer, suspend, or cancel their enrolment with Imperial.

Students are able to initiate deferral or cancellation of their studies only in certain limited circumstances as described below.

Students may also have their enrolment suspended due to misbehaviours which can also be grounds for cancellation of studies.

Students have the right to appeal a decision by Imperial to defer, suspend or cancel their studies.

Retrospective Suspension or Deferment

Imperial will not authorise and report a deferment or suspension retrospectively unless there are unusual circumstances. This may include medical emergencies or any compelling and compassionate circumstances.

Student Deferral

A student wishing to defer an enrolment must do so prior to the commencement of the course. Students must complete an ‘Application to defer, suspend or cancel enrolment’ and submit to the Student Admissions Department.

All application for deferral documentation will be kept on the students file and DIBP shall be notified via PRISMS of the decision to defer the enrolment as a result of the student’s request.

 Student Suspension

Imperial is only able to temporarily suspend the enrolment of the student on the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances.

Compelling and Compassionate Circumstances which Imperial will consider are:

Standard 13 of the ESOS National Code requires that for International Students deferment of course commencement can only be granted for compassionate or compelling circumstances.

Those beyond the control of the student and they have an impact on the student’s capacity and/or ability to progress through a course. These could include:

  • Serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the student was unable to attend classes
  • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where possible a death certificate should be provided)
  • Major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country requiring their emergency travel and this has impacted on their studies
  • A traumatic experience which could include but is not limited to:
  • Involvement in or witnessing of an accident or
  • A crime committed against the student or
  • The student has been a witness to a crime
  • And this has impacted on the student (these cases should be supported by police or psychologists’ reports).

 Students will be required to complete an ‘Application to defer, suspend or cancel enrolment’ in and submit to the Student Admissions. Students will also be required to provide evidence of the compassionate or compelling circumstances in their application. (I.e. a medical certificate or police report, etc.)

Students who would like to defer their studies must first speak to a staff member in the Student Admissions to gain an application form and to ensure they understand the reasons that deferment may be granted. An ‘application to defer’ form must be completed which will need to be approved by the Director of Studies. This application to defer must include in detail the ‘compassionate or compelling circumstances’.

Where a suspension of enrolment is granted, Imperial will suspend an enrolment for an agreed period of time - to a maximum of 12 months. If the suspension is required for longer than 12 months the student shall have to re-apply once the initial suspension period has expired.

DIBP’s policy is that if a student’s enrolment is suspended for a period of 28 days or longer, the student must return home (unless special circumstances exist). Please refer all questions about whether students may remain in Australia during a period of suspension of enrolment to DIBP.

Students are to be informed in writing of the outcome of their application for suspension and informed that it may affect their student visa.

All application documentation for the suspension will be kept on the students file and DIBP shall be notified via PRISMS of the decision to suspend the enrolment as a result of the student’s request.

 Student Cancellation

Students wishing to cancel their enrolment must complete an ‘Application to defer, suspend or cancel enrolment’ and submit to the Student Admissions.

Students wishing to cancel their enrolment prior to completing 6 months of study in their principle course must provide letter of offer from an alternative provider. This is required under Standard 7 of the National Code and further information can be gained from the ‘Transfer between Providers Policy / Procedure’.

All application documentation for the cancellation will be kept on the students file and DIBP shall be notified via PRISMS of the decision to cancel the enrolment as a result of the student’s request.

Provider Deferral

Imperial may defer an enrolment where the course is not being offered at the proposed date, site, or any other reason the college deems necessary to cancel the course.

Provider Suspension


Student Misbehaviour

Imperial can choose to suspend a student’s enrolment as long as it is in accordance with its documented procedures. Imperial informs the students, prior to enrolment, of the grounds on which their enrolment may be suspended or cancelled.

Imperial considers following actions by student as misbehaviour:

  • Bullying other students and/or staff
  • Harassment
  • Damage to the Imperial property
  • Theft
  • Using vulgar language on campus
  • Possession of drugs or firearms
  • Wilfully disobeying college policies

Provider Cancellation

In some cases where the student’s misconduct is severe, Imperial has the right to cancel the enrolment.

Where the Director of Studies has decided the misconduct is severe enough for cancellation the following must occur:

  • The student must be informed in person (where possible), and in writing of the decision of Imperial to cancel the student’s enrolment
  • They must be informed of the fact the they have the right to appeal the decision by accessing the relevant procedures and completing this appeal within 20 working days of the notification
  • Students must also be informed that Imperial is obliged to inform DET/ DIBP via PRISMS after the 20 day period and that they will be at risk of having their Visa cancelled.

Complaints and Appeals

For complaints and appeals:

  • Imperial provides a period of 20 working days to the students to appeal against his/ her deferment or suspension of study.
  • If a student appeals against the decision to defer, suspend or cancel his/her studies, Imperial will not notify DET of a change to the enrolment status until the internal complaints and appeals process is complete.
  • Imperial can suspend or cancel a student’s enrolment prior to the completion of the internal appeals process if there are extenuating circumstances relating to the welfare of the students.

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